Point Blank Mobile (Unreleased) Apk v0.20.0

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Point Blank Mobile (Unreleased) Apk
Point Blank Mobile (Unreleased) Apk

Free Download Game Point Blank Mobile (Unreleased) Apk : Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan berbagi lagi game android terbaru dan seru pastinya yaitu Point Blank Mobile (Unreleased) Apk. Tentu sobat sudah tidak asing dengan game yang bernama Point Blank. Point Blank atau yang lebih di kenal dengan nama PB adalah game online for pc yang sudah banyak dimainkan oleh masyarakat.

Game Point Blank Mobile kini hadir dalam versi android. Untuk dapat memainkan game ini minimal penyimpanan yang harus sobat siapkan adalah 1 GB ROM dan 1 GB RAM. Jadi game ini membutuhkan spek yang lumayan besar. Tapi game ini tidak akan membuat sobat kecewa, karena game ini menampilkan grafis yang keren juga tentunya.

  • PVP Mode: Compete real-time with friends and other players worldwide in single/team (1vs1,2vs2 ,4vs4) modes.
  • Story Mode: Unveil the plots of the Government and the Rebels that suck you into the conspiracy to uphold your ideals. Who will win at the end? Only you know, as you conquer each mission and subdue each BOSS guarding it.
  • Survivor/ Raid / Challenge: Numerous special missions that yield premium weapons and rare items as rewards.
  • Tournaments globally.
  • Tons of real and unique military weapons and tools.
  • Choose fashion that suits your style.
  • Beautiful graphics and seamless control you’ve never found in other games.
  • Point Blank Mobile Available in: Thai, English, Chinese, Indonesia, Vietnam and Korean.


Point Blank Mobile (Unreleased) - 1

Point Blank Mobile (Unreleased) - 2

Point Blank Mobile (Unreleased) - 3

Point Blank Mobile (Unreleased) - 4

  • OS : Android 4.0 and up
  • File Size : 438 MB
  • Google Play

  1. First thing to say that this is our opening of CBT (Closed Beta Testing) period. To make our Point Blank Mobile have the best experience to play, please feel free to share us your opinion about the game and report all the problem (bug) that you found in the game. Your feedback will be great for developing a better Point Blank Mobile to release in Open Beta period.


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