Dead In Bermuda Apk v1.02

Dead In Bermuda Apk
Dead In Bermuda Apk

Free Download Game Dead In Bermuda Apk Gratis : Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan berbagi lagi tentang game android terbaru kategori strategi yaitu Dead In Bermuda Apk. Game yang sangat seru, dimana sobat bersama 7 teman sobat mengalami kecelekaan pesawat dan kini terdampar di tengah pulau. Tunjukkan kemampuan sobat dalam bertahan hidup selama mungkin agar bisa menjalankan tugas dan memecahkan misteri dari ramalan kuno.

Key Features:
  • Manage the well-being of your team: they can die from Hunger, Fatigue, Sickness, Injury and Depression as well as lack of water.
  • Relationships between characters evolve! They can argue, become friends and even lovers.
  • Research & Craft to upgrade your camp.
  • Deep RPG system running behind the scenes: the efficiency of every action is tied to character skill, opinions and the state of the character.
  • Exploration: 100 map areas to discover, each with its own rewards… or traps!
  • Randomized elements: the map, the items, the dialogs, the skills and traits of your characters changes every new game.
  • Special encounters in the jungle with choose-you-own-adventure like elements.
  • Easy to play, but hard to survive!

Screenshot :

Dead In Bermuda - 1

Dead In Bermuda - 2

Dead In Bermuda - 3

Dead In Bermuda - 4

Dead In Bermuda - 5

Dead In Bermuda - 6

Dead In Bermuda - 7

Dead In Bermuda - 8

System Required : 
  • OS : Android 4.4 and up
  • File Size : 124 MB
  • Google Play

What's New :
  1. Fixed the crashes on the start screen.
  2. Improved A LOT the memory usage!
  3. Fixed a bug where the stat “Intelligence” was replaced by a second occurrence of “Strength” in the Skills page of the Character Sheet. (Thanks Kevin Remaud!)
  4. Improved the hitbox of a few buttons (action wheel buttons and skill upgrade buttons)

Link Download :

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