Walking War Robots v2.6.1 Mod Apk (Premium Hack)

Walking War Robots v2.6.1 Mod Apk (Premium Hack)

Walking War Robots Mod Apk
Walking War Robots Mod Apk

Free Download Game Walking War Robots Mod Apk (Unlimited Money): Pada kesempatan kali ini saya share game android terkenal, Walking War Robots Mod Apk. Game ini merupakan buatan developer pixonic. Game ini menampilkan perang antar robot canggih dimasa depan. Seberapa kuat dan canggih robotmu itu yang menentukan kemenanganmu. Pokoknya seru banget dah sob. Bagi sobat sekalian yang ingin memainkan game ini, silahkan download saja pada link yang telah disediakan.

Features :

  • Try out all 13 powerful robots in battle
  • Choose between 19 different weapon types
  • Use the extensive upgrade system to increase your robot’s firepower, speed and durability
  • Face your enemies in 6vs6 team multiplayer with a huge range of tactics
  • Build your own elite clan to fight like a pro
  • Enjoy a spectacular 3D world of giant military battlefields!

Aturan Permainan :
  1. Salah satu tim berhasil merebut dan menguasai semua base yang terdapat di arena.
  2. Salat satu tim berhasil membantai tim yang lainnya. Setiap tim ada 6 pemain dan di tiap arena terdapat 5 pos yang bisa sobat taklukkan.

What’s In The MOD:RoyalGamer

  • Premium Enabled (Not visible in GUI but you will receive 50% bonuses in the end of battles)
  • Anti-Ban

Screenshot :

Walking War Robots Mod Apk - 1

Walking War Robots Mod Apk - 2

Walking War Robots Mod Apk - 3

Walking War Robots Mod Apk - 4

System Required :

  • OS : Android 4.1 and Up
  • File Size : 227 MB
  • Mode : Online
  • Google Play

What's New :

    - Terima berita WR terbaru langsung dalam game!
  • Lainnya:
    - Perisai energi alami rusak ganda karena masalah sudah diperbaiki;
    - Perisai Ancile dan Fujin disesuaikan demi performa pasca-revisi yang layak;
    - Laju kenaikan kerusakan (per level) sekarang sama untuk semua senjata;
    - Misi diganti dengan Liga;
    - Beberapa masalah kecil diperbaiki

Link Download :

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang v1.1.58.1371 Mod Apk (Radar Hack)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang v1.1.58.1371 Mod Apk (Radar Hack)

Mobile Legends - Bang Bang Mod Apk

Download Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod Apk (Radar Hack) | Hai sobat, pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan membagikan sebuah game android yang berkategori action dan merupakan game yang cukup populer yaitu Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mod Apk. Game ini merupakan besutan dari developer android yang bernama Moonton. 

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mod merupakan game dimana sobat akan memilih pahlawan untuk dimainkan dan membangun tim yang solid. Game Mobile Legends ini bisa dimainkan dengan lawan yang nyata. Nah, kebayang gak sob keseruan game ini?. Jika sobat tertarik dengan game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mod Apk, silahkan sobat download saja game nya pada link yang telah disediakan.

Features :

  • Classic MOBA Maps, 5v5 Battles  - Real-time 5v5 battles against real opponents. Fight over 3 lanes to take the enemy’s tower. 4 jungle areas. 18 defense towers. 2 Wild Bosses. Complete reproductions of classic MOBA maps. Full-on 5v5, Human vs. Human battles. A triumphant return to genuine MOBA gameplay.
  • Win with Teamwork & Strategy - Block damage, control the enemy, and heal teammates! Choose from Tanks, Mages, Marksmen, Assassins, Supports, etc. to anchor your team or be match MVP! New heroes are constantly being released!
  • Fair Fights, Carry Your Team to Victory - Just like classic MOBAs, there is no hero training or paying for stats. Winners and losers are decided based on skill and ability on this fair and balanced platform for competitive gaming. Play to Win, not Pay to Win.
  • Simple Controls, Easy to Master - With a virtual joystick on the left and skill buttons on the right, 2 fingers are all you need to become a master! Autolock and target sifting allow you to last hit to your heart’s content. Never miss! And a convenient tap-to-equip system lets you focus on the thrill of battle!
  • 10 Second Matchmaking, 10 Minute Matches - Matchmaking only takes 10 seconds, and battles last 10 minutes, glossing over the quiet early-game leveling up and jumping right into intense battles. Less boring waiting and repetitive farming, and more thrilling action and fist-pumping victories. At any place, at any moment, just pick up your phone, fire up the game, and immerse yourself in heart-pounding MOBA competition.
  • Smart Offline AI Assistance - In most MOBAs, a dropped connection means hanging your team out to dry, but with Mobile Legends’s powerful reconnection system, if you get dropped, you can be back in the battle in seconds. And while you’re offline, your character will be controlled by our AI system to avoid a 5-on-4 situation.

Screenshot :

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mod Apk

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mod Apk Terbaru

Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mod Apk Terbaru

Free Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Mod Apk Terbaru

System Required :

  • OS : Android 4.0.3 and up
  • File Size : 97 MB
  • Google Play

What's New :

  • Hero Balance Changes
  • Battleground Changes
  • Recruit Friends Event
The basic damage of Blind Smoke decreases by 30 pts. The speed of bullets decreases from 15 to 13.
The mana cost of his ult increases from 60/70/80 to 65/75/85.
The radius of his hook decreases from 0.4 to 0.25; speed of it decreases from 18 to 17; the range of it at every level adjusts

Link Download :

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Brave Frontier RPG EU Mod v1.5.4 Apk (Mega Mod)

Brave Frontier RPG EU Mod v1.5.4 Apk (Mega Mod)

Brave Frontier Mod Apk

Free Download Game Brave Frontier Mod Apk (Mega Mod): Kali ini saya share Game adventure seru. Brave Frontier telah diperbarui dari versi sebelumnya, dan pengembang mengatakan ada 4 perbaikan baru pada game ini, Ada Tutorial, informasi karakter, bagaimana menjalankan karakter, menyerang, teknik dan sebagainya.

Brave Frontier merupakan game untuk menuju ke Grand Gaia, Dunia para dewa yang dihuni oleh dewa Maxwell. Memanggil lebih dari 200 pahlawan legendaris dan binatang purba, dan mengumpulkan mereka ke dalam regu kuat, menguasai kekuatan unsur Api, Air, Bumi, Guntur, Light, dan Dark. Penasaran untuk memainkan gamenya?? Silahkan didownload, Gratis untuk Sobat.

Fitur :

  • Over 400 legendary heroes and beasts to collect, evolve and summon. All of them beautifully pixel-crafted and with their own battle style and unique Brave Burst attacks! 
  • Over a 100 missions in addictive turn-based action-packed combat as you fight tough bosses like Mad God Zebra, Cardes the Malevolent and God of Decay Zurg. 
  • PVP Arena mode for strong summoners to combat in! Climb its ranks and cut down your opponents to receive rare equipment and other rewards!
  • Upgrade resource fields in your town and harvest materials from them to synthesize potions or craft powerful equipment!
  • Daily and weekly events such as Vortex Gate challenges, special dungeon and heroic tales. Enjoy fresh new challenges every day you log on!

What’s In The MOD APK: RoyalGamer

  1. 1 Energy x Quest/Vortex
  2. Parades always open – Metal/Jewel/Imps/EU Exclusive
  3. Insta BB
  4. Insta SBB -> If Unlocked
  5. Insta UBB -> If unlocked
  6. Mobs Atk 1
  7. Honor Points 100
  8. Zel Reward 65k
  9. Karma Reward 65k
  10. Deck Cost
  11. ABP Shown instead of level
  12. Always Frinds – Friend skill always usable
  13. Item inventory set to 1k
  14. Craft Hack – 1 item needed (not for all)
  15. Town Upgrade
  16. Items Reward – 20 items of each you dropped
  17. Ez Evo – At any level – Just Materials

Screenshot :

Brave Frontier Mod Apk - 1

Brave Frontier Mod Apk - 2

Brave Frontier Mod Apk - 3

Brave Frontier Mod Apk - 4

Brave Frontier Mod Apk - 5

System Required :

  • OS : Android 2.3.3 and up
  • File Size : 48 MB
  • Google Play

What's New :

The Grand Quest Update is here! Explore even more of Grand Gaia in this brand new single-player mode!
  • Choose Your Own Story: Play with a huge cast of Brave Frontier characters in their epic, intertwined story-driven missions with multiple endings!
  • Find Your Battle Strategy: Pick your troops, explore new maps and defeat impressive Bosses!
  • Unlock Evolution Materials: Evolve iconic characters such as Karl, Seria or Grahdens!
As always, thank you for playing!

Link Download :

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Twitter 6.35.0 Apk for Android

Twitter 6.35.0 Apk for Android

Free Download Aplikasi Twitter Apk | Pada kesempatan kali ini saya share aplikasi Twitter. Twitter merupakan sosial media online yang banyak digunakan oleh masyarakat terutama artis. Twitter memungkinkan pengguna untuk mengirim dan membaca sebanyak 140 karakter. Twitter didirikan pada bulan maret 2006 oleh Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, dan Nuh Kaca dan diluncurkan pada bulan juli 2006. basa basinya udah selesai, bagi sobat yang berminat dengan aplikasi ini, silahkan download pada link dibawah.

Twitter is a free app that lets you connect with people, express yourself, and discover more about all the things you love. 

  • Get breaking news. Stay informed with the local and global news that matters to you most, as it happens. 
  • Go behind the scenes at exclusive events like the Oscars, the Emmys, the MTV VMA's and the World Cup. 
  • Express yourself with text, photos, emoji, emoticons, video, GIFs and Vines. 
  • Use hashtags (like #NFL) to find more Tweets about topics you love. 
  • Get closer to people who interest you, including celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Harry Styles and Rihanna. 
  • Share Tweets with apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Kik, LINE, email and SMS. 
  • Tweet links from sites like YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Spotify and Pandora. 
  • Send a private message without limits: now you're no longer limited to 140 characters when writing a Direct Message. 
  • Now it's even easier to share a Tweet privately in a Direct Message. Simply press and hold the Tweet you want to share, then pick the people you want to send it to. 

Screenshots :

System Required :

  • O/S : Android 4.0.3 and up 
  • File Size : 31 MB 
  • Google Play

What's New :

  1. A few updates to make Twitter even better. Happy Tweeting!

Link Download :

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Talking Tom Gold Run v1.5.2.668 Mod Apk (Infinite Gold Bars)

Talking Tom Gold Run v1.5.2.668 Mod Apk (Infinite Gold Bars)

Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk

Download Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk (Infinite Gold Bars) | Pada kesempatan kali ini admin akan membagikan sebuah aplikasi android berupa game seru yang pastinya jika sobat membaca judul dari game ini pasti akan terbayang sosok game kucing yang bisa menirukan suara sobat. Game kali ini yang akan saya bagikan adalah Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk. Game ini merupakan game berkategori action dan merupakan besutan dari developer androi yang bernama Outfit7.

Game Talking Tom Gold Run ini dalam permainannya hampir sama dengan game Subway Surfers Mod Apk yang sudah saya bagikan pada artikel sebelumnya. Sobat bisa memilih dua karakter dari game ini yaitu Talking Tom dan Talking Angela. Sobat cukup mengarahkan si kucing untuk melewati emas-emas yang berada di depan dan harus melewati rintangan yang menghadang. Nah, dari pada sobat penasaran, silahkan sobat download saja game-nya pada link yang telah disediakan.
  • Run after the robber to recover your gold and build your dream home
  • Unlock new worlds with different infinite runner mechanics
  • Explore different worlds in a single run by passing through subway tunnels
  • Run, jump and have fun with Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Ginger, Talking Hank and Talking Ben
  • Crack the vaults to earn secret loot and prizes in this action packed, family friendly game

This app contains:

  • The possibility to use and connect with friends via social networks
  • The option to make in-app purchases
  • Alternative options to access all functionalities of the app without making any in-app purchases using real money (build progress, in-game functionalities)
  • Promotion of Outfit7's products and advertising
  • Items are available for different prices in virtual currency, depending on the player's progress
  • Watching videos of Outfit7's animated characters via YouTube integration
  • Links that direct customers to our websites and other Outfit7 apps

Screenshot :

Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk Terbaru

Download Talking Tom Gold Run Mod Apk Terbaru

System Required :

  • OS : Android 4.1 and up
  • File Size : 50 MB
  • Google Play

What's New :

  1. TOM CELEBRATES IN CHINA: Party with Talking Tom at one of the biggest celebrations in China!
  2. NEW SPECIAL MISSIONS: Collect special Chinese themed items to complete the new daily missions.
  3. NEW PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION: Get the new premium membership to access the exclusive character, Agent Tom, and enjoy an exciting variety of special offers.

Link Download :

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